They say “you are what you eat” and that is true for pets too! Knowing how much to feed your pets or how to select a food that suits your pets nutritional requirements is never an easy job. As pet owners, we also need to know what we should not feed our pets to ensure that our furry friends stay safe around human food. If you have any questions about your pets nutrition or what is the best suited diet for your pet we offer a very unique service. Here at Downey, we are able to offer certified nutrition counselling to help guide you and your pet towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

We offer the full line of products from Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets. From diabetic diets to weight management we have something that will suit your pets needs. Click the link below to see the full line of Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets that we can order for you.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

Hill’s Science Prescription Diets are designed to help with your pets individual needs. You can find food for dental care and metabolic health. If your pet has digestive issues Hills also has a food for that! Follow the link below to see the full Hill’s Science Prescription Diets that we can order for you.

Hill’s Science Prescription Diets

Royal Canin offers specialised diets and also diets for your healthy pet that just needs to be maintained. From adult food to life stages Royal Canin can cover your pets entire life. We can also order you prescription diets as in gastrointestinal or Urinary SO diets if your pet is in need of it. Our line covers both feline and canine and we would be happy to order your pets food in. Click the link below to see what Royal Canin has to offer.

Royal Canin Diets

Treats are always the best part of the day. Whether they are used for training or as a daily snack, we can help you make sure that they are nutritious and delicious. In our clinic we have a variety of flavours and brands for you to choose from. We offer Greenies and Benny bullies as well as our Royal Canin and Hill Prescription Diets treats. We can get everything from Urinary Treats to Hypoallergenic Treats to make sure every pet can have a tasty surprise.


If you want a food that is not in stock in the clinic we can still get order it for you with 2-3 days notice.